The purpose of this assignment is to help viewers, especially designers, understand the harmful impacts that their printing habits may have, unknowingly. By bringing this information to their attention, ideally, they will choose to negate the harmful impacts either by displaying their work on a digital-based medium or using companies like Graviky who use alternative and safe methods to create their ink. The audience is able to visit the link listed at the bottom of the poster in order to learn more information about sustainable design, and how to contact this company for ink purchases.
The poster features an illustration that can be printed in two different orientations to send a slightly different message. The green and black trees are modeled after pen nibs, a commonly seen tool in the design world, especially as a digital icon. The first version of the poster attempts to send a more hopeful message, that creatives can prioritize design over the demise of the environment through continued ink pollution. The second poster sends more of warning message, letting the audience know that we are already heading in an unsustainable situation and are allowing the demise of the environment through poor design practices.
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