These posters were created to advertise self-defense classes for the martial arts school "Axé Capoeira Kingston," in Kingston, Ontario. Capoeira is a branch of martial arts which was developed over 400 years ago by the slaves and indigenous people of Brazil. It is a very acrobatic and dynamic form of combat which has heavy emphasis on cultural expression through music and movement.​​​​
Two versions of this poster were created in order to appeal to the different demographics displayed in the feature images.  Yellow, red, and green are the main colours used, as it relates back to Brazil's flag, which is the country 
where this art form originated. The layout was inspired by comic-book style pages, since they can be quite effective
in capturing viewer's attention due to its unique spread and ability to lead the audience's eyes through the page.
The company's website was also redesigned in order to reduce clutter, streamline content, and improve legibility.
The website can be found here:

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