This Adobe After Effects piece was created as a final project for a Motion Graphics course. It is intended to be a repurposing of a previous piece of design work, by turning the previously static work into a visually interesting, and animated final product.
In a previous year, I created an encyclopedia featuring many famous Superhero characters, which I had done illustrations of. I decided to streamline that design into an animation in After Effects which would be reminiscent of an 80s-90s videogame aesthetic. Many of the visual elements, sound cues, and music choices are meant to appeal to this sense of nostalgia that many fans of the Superhero genre would be familiar with, while remaining stimulating enough for someone unfamiliar with the properties.
These storyboards were created during the early stages of the design. This maps out the general outline of how the video should progress. 
These are individual screens from the animation, to be viewed should the video be unable to be played.
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