​​​​​​​- Conducted research and developed a redesign of an existing layout in order to improve functionality.
- Created affordances, enhanced legibility, and clarified labels.
- Streamlined content in order to engage the student body with information gained from interviews.
The application prototype can be found by clicking the following link:
A mobile phone displays a prototype of the redesigned St. Lawrence College UR SLC App.
- Color scheme chosen to align with SLC brand colours.
- Minimizes superfluous text, and improves navigation.
- Focus on making events easy to locate, as well as setting reliable reminders for those events.
An overview of the essential pages users would encounter.
This is a persona of the ideal audience for this application redesign. The decisions made will keep this person in mind.

This is a journey map, which charts the user's experience as they use the application. This is a useful step to do before beginning the redesign, as it informs where many areas can be improved.
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