The purpose of this assignment was to create an illustrated coverĀ for a book of our choosing. I selected the classic story "Moby Dick," since it is a well-known title with lots of potential ideas for imagery, due to the various relatable and interesting themes throughout the story, such as fear and vengeance. It was designed for a 6x9 inch format, and developed over a four-week period.
The illustration attempts to convey the book's themesĀ to the audience upon first look. Moby Dick's size is exaggerated to demonstrate the threat this beast imposes, dwarfing the large sailing ship - it's tail wrapping into the foreground to create a sense of scale. The eye of the great whale contains an illustration of a red moon, to represent the whale's constant presence and ineffability, as well as portraying the menace of this large beast. The book cover was designed with a classic aesthetic in mind, so fonts are ornamental and the book cover features a weathered texture.
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