PickedToday is a brand new Microgreens venture from the company called Jobwell. One of the foundational elements of Jobwell's principles is to provide a safe and equitable work environment for individuals that are living with mental illness. In the third year of the Graphic Design program at St. Lawrence College, our class was lucky enough to work with this local company and provide them with some foundational branding elements, which included logos, packaging concepts, social media mockups, as well as website prototypes, which is what I will show an example of below.
A mac desktop monitor displaying a mock-up of the Picked-Today Homepage

Here is what users would see when they visit the home page.

When designing this webpage, it was important to keep in mind the values that Jobwell & PickedToday are attempting to convey to their audience. These ideas include delivering a high-quality product, creating opportunities for a variety of individuals, as well as building a strong sense of community. To this end, text and image borders are rounded in order to convey a friendly and soft atmosphere, keeping in line with the logos message. The light green, and yellow colours are chosen to align with the brand guide that our class also developed, so that there is consistency and familiarity across all facets of PickedToday, whether that be the website, the packaging, or social media.

The Home page, where users will land when they navigate to the website.

On this page, background information about the company will be provided, as well as a method for contact.

The shop page lists all of their products, as well as an item descriptions and list of benefits for consuming microgreens.

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