The purpose of this project was to design a website landing page for a mock application, called "Teachfully." Teachfully is a wellness app geared towards teachers and their unique needs -- assisting educators in achieving work-life balance, stress management techniques, and fostering a communal mindset.
The Teachfully web and mobile landing page design captures the app's commitment to teachers' mental well-being through a serene color palette. The page prominently features calming purple, enhanced by gentle turquoise and green tones, fostering a balanced user experience. 
Web Landing Page
Web Landing Page
Mobile Landing Page
Mobile Landing Page

Teachfully's Style Guide

Harmonizing calming purple, refreshing turquoise, and invigorating greens, the Teachfully landing page offers an immersive, resonant user experience. The design succinctly communicates Teachfully's mission of supporting teachers' emotional well-being within a concise and visually appealing interface.
This app was designed as part of a team problem-solving project, facilitated by the organization "Prepr." The team members were:
Ahmed Omer - Designer
Alrick Sculley - Data Analyst
Ashley Afful - Designer
Kassidy Voduris - Designer
Kayla Meirinho - Project Manager
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